As of April 2019, Verset (Building F&G) located at 822 Windsor Road, Rouse Hill, NSW has completed the following works.

Estimated settlement date: July-August 2019.


  • All pumps now commissioned.
  • Basement entry gate installed, motors yet to be installed.



  • Final coat of paint to planter boxes and external walls.
  • Privacy screen installation nearing completion.
  • Mailbox Area tiled, ready for mailboxes installation.
  • Planting Works in private courtyards and podium complete, mulch now being filled in between plants.
  • Turf has been laid and complete to Windsor Road Side and Adonis Avenue side.
  • Tactile Installation commenced.
  • Grab rails installation commenced in podium and all external pathways.





  • All joinery complete. All minor rectification works/defects now being closed out.
  • All electrical fit off complete. Commissioning of all internal units complete.
  • Commissioning process of AC Units commenced.
  • Commissioning of hot water complete.
  • Final Paint complete, touch up where required commenced.
  • Door Hardware installation near complete, all fire door tags installed and inspected.
  • Carpet installation to all units and lobbies now complete.
  • Security screens installation nearing completion.