As of May 2019, Verset (Building F&G) located at 822 Windsor Road, Rouse Hill, NSW has completed the following works.

Estimated settlement date: July 2019


  • Colour Coating to Basement Driveways and Lift Entrances
  • Lift protection removed, floors tiles and lifts final commissioned
  • Basement Entry Gate installation complete
  • All bollards and wheel stops installed



  • All Landscaping and external paving complete
  • Pergolas Installed
  • Barbeque and Bench Seating Installed
  • Windsor Road Fence installed
  • All metalwork installation complete (privacy screens, handrails, tactiles)
  • All Signage installed

Rouse Hill-16


  • All internal apartment work complete inclusive of final AC Commissioning, security screen installation to GF and L1, Door hardware installation
  • All apartments and lobbies final cleaned
  • Northpoint Defects complete

Rouse Hill-2

inside 1

Rouse Hill-3

Rouse Hill-8

Rouse Hill-9

New public transportation

  • Sydney Metro Northwest line now is open.
  • Rouse Hill station is minutes away