We are delighted to provide the latest update on the construction progress of the Archwood Residences townhouses. As a new month begins, we are pleased to update progress in various blocks.

As of March, here’s a detailed overview of each block’s progress:

Block A/B:

• All service rough-ins are almost complete.

• Sheeting has commenced.

• Brickwork is 80% complete.

• Subsill/subhead installation is complete.

• External cladding is 70% complete.

Block C:

• Electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical service fit-off has begun, with fire services already completed.

• Flooring installation has started.

• Installation of stone tops is complete.

• Door installation is at 70% completion.

• Stone cladding is 90% complete.

• Waterproofing for planters and patios has begun.

• Brickwork has been completed.

Block D:

• Service cut-outs have been completed.

• Floor preparation and tiling have commenced.

• Window installation is 90% complete.

Block E:

• Service cut-outs are done.

• Flooring preparation is complete.

• Floor tiling is complete.

• Installation of kitchens and doors has commenced.

Block F:

• Service cut-outs are complete.

• Tiling work is finished.

• Joinery and stone top installation have commenced.

• Door installation is ongoing.

Block G:

• Waterproofing and screed work are complete.

• Floor preparation and tiling have commenced.

• Window installation is 85% complete.

• External cladding is at 80% completion.

Exciting developments are happening at Archwood Residences, and we cannot wait to share the progress with you. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to build your dream residences.

For more information, you can visit thearchwood.com.au or call 1800 171 118.