About Mayrin Group

Mayrin Group delivers inspired,
intelligent solutions.


An inspirational and leading property development company working in Australia and internationally, Mayrin Group creates harmonious spaces for living, working and relaxing that are planned in an integrated manner to create vibrant and sustainable communities.

Propelled by our vision, Mayrin Group reshapes and revitalises communities.

Delivering on complex planning outcomes for major projects, Mayrin Group has an established track record of creating outstanding personal and public spaces.

Identify. Plan. Build.


Through careful research, planning, environmental design and leading infrastructure, Mayrin Group delivers holistically designed spaces that become some of the most sought after residential locations.

We value our corporate and community partnerships, which are built on a simple philosophy: collaboration, positivity and trust.

Our internal processes – developed from years of local and international industry experience – foster agile, efficient and decisive action supported by clear, well defined strategies.

Our Company



Our shared vision is to shape the environments in which we live, work and play through harmony, understanding and balance.



Mayrin Group’s portfolio focuses on integrated residential and retail communities.



We are a creative and focused team of experienced professionals.


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