As of November 2019, Refined (Lindfield – Builder Northpoint) located at 51-55 Lindfield Avenue, Lindfield, NSW has completed the following works:

  • Bulk excavation completed.
  • All footings have been excavated, reinforced and poured.
  • As off today all columns, walls and lift walls from Basement 2 to underside of Basement 1 have been formed, poured and stripped on the Lindfield half of the site. The remainder of the verticals expected to be completed before November.
  • All shotcrete completed.
  • Substation and Street Lighting has been energised.
  • Granular levelling layer to Lindfield half bottom soil has been laid and compacted, preparing for B2 slab pour. This method is highly effective in ensuring the levelled base for proper membrane installation, hence the slab pour on top.

On site photos:




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