As of January 2019, Verset (Building F & G) located at 822 Windsor Road, Rouse Hill, NSW has completed the following works.

Estimated settlement date: July – August 2019.


  • Storage cages installed;
  • Security system installed;
  • Garbage chute system installed.


  • Planter boxes built and rendered, courtyard area concreted;
  • Balcony tiling completed;
  • Mailbox & Booster room structure completed.



  • Door hardware installed, Appliances installed, mirrors installed to G West and F West;
  •  Appliances installed to G East and F East.

Level 1

  • Final paint completed; all level 1 cleaned.


Level 2

  • Final paint completed, western buildings cleaned;
  • Doors hung; eastern buildings: plumber and electrical fit off completed.

Level 3

  • Plumber and electrical fit off completed; western buildings: shower screens installed;
  • Doors hung, kitchens installed, stone benchtops installed; eastern buildings: shower screens installed.