We are delighted to share the latest updates on the ongoing construction at the Archwood Residences townhouses. Here’s a summary of the significant progress achieved as of December 2023:

Block A/B:

Steel framing for Lots 1–5 is now complete.

Step-down waterproofing was successful.

Stair installation is ongoing in Lots 9–12.

Block C:

Gyprock sheeting is now completed.

The second coat of paint has been applied.

Joinery for storage and wardrobes has commenced.

70% of sliding and bifold glazed doors are now complete.

Block D:

Stairs have been installed.

Brickwork is now 85% complete.

Subhead and subsill installations have commenced.

Block E:

Stairs have been installed.

Internal sheeting has commenced.

Cement cladding is now 60% complete.

Block F:

The cement cladding is now complete.

Lift installation has commenced.

Metal cladding is now 70% complete.

Block G:

Subsills and subheads are now at 40% completion.

Brickwork is now 85% complete.

The service rough-in is complete.

We’re pleased to share these significant advancements at Archwood Residences. Stay updated for further developments.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to schedule a VIP appointment at www.thearchwood.com.au or call 1800 17 1188.